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A dedicated financial advisory firm,
offering personalized, perfected, and great solutions for you.
Within our main business of investment advising, our aim to be the most trusted partner is centered on our customers' requirements and how we satisfy them. The business focuses on custom investment solutions in the areas of private equity, private debt, infrastructure, and real estate.

Additionally, Currency Invest supports innovative investing businesses in raising capital. The business takes on a small number of projects each year, preferring to work on a one-on-one basis with each mission being customized to the client's needs.
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Market-leading experience

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These are our main services. Every other specific request or requirement must go through HR and the team to be analyzed and then answered. Just contact us and let us go through the process. Meanwhile have a look at our standart services:

Investment Advisory

Currency Invest understands that each customer is unique, with their own set of goals and circumstances.

Capital Raising

Currency Invest's investing strategies include private debt, private equity, infrastructure, and real estate.

Institutional Investors Forums

Currency Invest hosts senior-level summits that are highly interactive, confidential, and invitation-only.


Nothing presents quality better than good client reviews.

A really professional Financial Adviser combines passion, expertise, and a genuine interest in helping clients achieve their goals. Adam possessed all of these qualities and more. His commitment to customers, business success, and education distinguishes him, and I would enthusiastically suggest him to anybody seeking to improve their financial situation.

Justin Larson

I've never gone to bed worried about money since we started working with Currency Invest. Thank you for taking such good care of our affairs!

Simon Watson

I recommend these guys to someone who is looking for a good investing opportunity but isn't sure where to start.

Ashley Brezy

Thank you, as well as everyone else who led to the creation of our suggestions. It's so detailed that it just serves to reinforce our trust in you. Once again, thank you very much. It's always a delight to work with you.

Lena Smith

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We work to make your business work perfectly for you.
Meet the advisory specialists.
Alan Gomez
Senior Advisor
Lucas Dias
Junior Advisor

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